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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Milton Glaser

One of my favourite graphic designers is Milton Glaser. He is a well-known American graphic designer, illustrator, and art director who is closely associated with the celebrated Push Pin Studios in New York and Push Pin Graphics magazine. He is famous for the New York logo campaign. Below are some of his works.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Marketing project- L'Oreal's Green Products

As part of our marketing project, we had to analyse two companies, one which was L'Oreal. Our future strategy for the project was to create a new range of green products. As the recent takeover of L'Oreal on The Body Shop, we decided that we'd combine the logo's of both companies for our new range and that we'd advertise those products in magazines and in-store posters. Here is the logo and the posters I've created.

 Logo Design

 Magazine advertisement

In-store poster advertisement

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Drawing with pencil

One of my hobbies is drawing with pencil. Here are some of drawings. Some were done for academic purposes while others were done in my free time. 

A combination of interiors from York Minister 

 This was a drawing considering enlargement. So this is a very tiny hair clip drawn largely.

 Still life- A group of vases

 An attempt to combine pencil with water colours 

 A bear from 3 different point of view



Thursday, 23 December 2010

Packaging Design

As a part of my year 2 Graphics course, we had a design a new packaging for an existing product. The product I was assigned was pasta. I decided to produce a packaging for children s pasta is most popular among them. My design consists of having 3 different packagings for different kinds of spaghetti. I produced such illustrations to attract children. My choice of colour was among the most attractive colour to children which is yellow. I also chose to include games on one side of the packaging to entertain children. The back of the packaging has easy recipes for children to be able to able to help in cooking. The top of the packaging is made for measuring spaghetti to add convenience. These are the package design from all sides.

My brand name is "Fork Twister" To present spaghetti in a fun way. It shows how the spaghetti can twist on the fork. Spaghetti is mis-spelled to show that this spaghetti is for children as children mis-spell words. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Photography - Wehaiba Sands Desert, Oman

As part of my passion in photography, I have taken some shots on a road trip to a desert in Oman named Wehaiba Sands. I’ve taken shots at different times of the day. Here are some shots I’ve managed to get.

Sand Dunes

Exploring the Sand Dunes



Another Sunrise capture

Fire, for warmth

A camel living in the desert